Get entertained at ‘Curry @ 3000 feet’ multi-cuisine restaurant that treats your taste buds to new heights in gastronomical delight, with cuisines from around the world as well as an extensive selection of local specialties. Should you be seized by the urge to unwind over a cocktail, make for the Hi-Spirit Bar. Done up in enchanting Indonesian style, the bar offers you a wonderful array of tipples from a special wine list. An inviting coffee lounge is conveniently located near the reception for you to grab a piping hot cuppa as you exchange stories and gossip over a sinful mascarpone. And should you want to hold an impromptu Poolside Barbecue Bash for your friends, we shall be more than willing to oblige.

MEAL RATES, Per Person, Per day
: INR 900/- + GST :: Lunch : INR 1,400/- + GST :: Dinner : INR 1,400/- + GST